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         An 8o's baby... I was born Carli Beth Bergeron, and grew up in Southwest Louisiana working as a Registered Nurse for many years.  From twenty three years old until now, I fulfilled what I thought were all the requirements of the culture and my upbringing: kids, marriage, and a corporate job.  It was done in that order.

          In 2021, after 18 years of marriage (22 together), I had discovered that my husband at the time had been unfaithful for 12 years.  To say that it pushed me to really look inward about who I was and why I was here on the planet is an understatement. 

What we had built was all that I knew, and I had pushed my dreams and desires to the side.  I never knew that I could pursue and experience music that would eventually heal my heart.  I met some amazing, loving friends who helped me write my first song and I kept going from there. 

With each song written, I poured every ounce of pain and emotion into it.  It didn’t matter to me if the song wasn't perfect or didn't sound super bubbly.  What mattered was that my expression and voice were heard by me.  As I kept doing this, I began to experience self-love that unlocked joy and personal affirmation.  The spectacular thing was that this bliss was coming from within me!  I didn't have to go elsewhere to get it! 

           The journey of falling in love with myself, is the fundamental journey I will take in this lifetime!  

There is power in drinking the essence of your own bliss.  In other words, when you discover the truth about you and what you love, your joy increases, momentum happens, and you realize that you created that from doing the thing that lights you up! 

This essence fuels your mission here on earth and makes is a great one!  Drink up!  I’m inviting you to follow my journey as I discover the essence of my bliss and show you what it looks like to do so and how fun, powerful, challenging and fulfilling it is.



NOW- "Love me in my low vibe" is out on all major platforms. 

November 22' - Releasing the REMIX to "Love me in my low vibe." 

MUSIC UPDATE: I'm currently working alongside my amazing brother and producer Steven Brantley who also goes as Dead Space. We are collectively working on a "dance" ep that illustrates the journey of self-transformation, the crossover from the dark to the light, the old to the new, a rebirth. Incorporating classic pianos, funky baseline, groovy drums, lush pads and dreamy synths forming the ultimate dance records. 

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Thank you for being here. 

With Love, 

Carli B